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Special Forces Protective Vest Russian Tactical 6b3 Body Armor




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Replica Soviet 6b3 body armor, comprehensive accessories, details, strong aura, classic styling must-have. By matching with all kinds of different combat gear or wear alone, this body armor is made of the original Soviet Union 2 6b3 body armor open mold, inside and outside in accordance with the original design replica, with the original in the material and color are very close to the lightweight nylon fabric, the internal in addition to the padding, but also special restoration of the internal metal bulletproof plate plate armor mounting structure, you can mount a similar size of the bulletproof plate, and added a soft bulletproof core with internal pockets. This multi-layer structure makes it possible to fully meet the needs of daily tactical protection off the field without adding any inserts while filling the shape. Bulletproof needs of friends can customize their own material bulletproof small inserts and Kevlar soft core, through any combination can meet the needs of different levels of bulletproof. This model can be called cos, off the field both appropriate, is a product can be used in practice.

  Other countries will need about 25-30 working days.for shiping

Ceramic/composite armor plates are placed in body armor plate carriers and worn to protect against bullets, projectiles, fragmentation/shrapnel and stab threats. Composite armor plates are lighter, thicker and more flexible than steel plates. Most ceramic/composite body armor plates cannot withstand multiple hits to the same area. Composite/ceramic armor has a shorter shelf life and are less durable than traditional steel plates.

General weight 1.800 Kg 

Largest protection area among Soviet flak jackets

Sewn-in pouches for magazines, grenades, and utilitarian needs

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Plug :

512 GB UK Plug, 512 GB EU Plug, 512 GB US Plug, 512 GB AU Plug


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